Revisiting– A Memorable Family Trip on FATHER’S DAY

“It’s not just the destination, but the entire journey and company that makes the entire trip a cherishable experience.”

So, on father’s day I decided to walk down the memory lane and gather my old memories of our summer vacations family trip. A short trip with Mummy, Papa & my younger siblings full of fun and frolic.
Being in Bareilly those days, Nainital (Hill station in Uttrakhand) used to be the most premium destination for a family trip in summer vacations. So, going back to my school days, here comes my blog on our most awaited trip of summer vacations.
Bareilly to Nainital is just 150 kms away. With Papa fond of driving, we often used to plan this trip with our own car. It is always so difficult to get up early for school, but on the trip day, all 3 of us (me, my sister & my brother), we used to get up in one call. Getting ready for our dream destination used to fuel us with so much energy.
It was so much fun for us. Me and my siblings used to pack up the car with all our priced possessions (Comics, Play cards, Balls, Ludo, Candies, Chips, Chocolates and what not) making our car a small little home. And yes, how can we forgot stuffing the deck with dozens of cassettes for listening music on the way. Yes, it was an era with no pen-drives & no CD players. And we were unstoppable. Then finally mummy papa used to shout, “We are not going there to live forever. You have kept enough for our 3 days trip.”

Starting early morning with fresh breeze, it was so refreshing and relaxing. The air strokes on our face and hair were more soothing than the spa therapies these days. Yes, we used to travel with car windows open, enjoying the natural freshness of the air unlike these days (moving in a closed AC Car).
There was no internet, GPS, smartphones and I wonder now, how Papa used to take us to all the way just following the signboards. We used to have our preferences on music and we used to keep rotating on window seats, sometimes reading comics, sometimes admiring the natural beauty on the way, sometimes playing and sometimes fighting for small little things (Like how dare you ate that last toffee of orange flavor, it was mine).
We used to take few halts on the way for “Pakodas”, “Bhutta’s” & “Kullad ki Chai”. Away from the city crowd, a highway stop amidst trip is always so awesome. Ordering the tempting delicacies and filling us with mouthwatering dishes was an awesome experience.
And finally we arrived Nainital, (at an altitude of 2084 meters), popularly known as “Lake City”. I and my siblings used to shout with enthusiasm, “We have reached”.
We used to book hotel at Mall Road (it was not pre-booked online those days). As soon as room was booked, all of us used to look at Papa with a gaze that now we have got the room, let’s keep luggage and go out to explore.

Naini Lake/Mango Lake :

Away from the heat waves of Bareilly, it was now time to go for a boat ride at Naini Lake.It is also known as Mango Lake, as it’s of mango shape & it is the most beautiful fresh body natural lake in Nainital, situated amidst the township. Sitting in a boat was adventure for us & going on a ride in water was so much fun. (We didn’t used to have water parks all around those days, so fun with water was a long awaited thing for us).
The boat house at Naini Lake gives an amazingly beautiful view. It’s lovely. The surrounding beauty of mountain ranges, the breath taking views, the ultimate sunrise and sunset views, it was all so amazing. It was a wonderful treat to our mind, body and souls.
A trip to the Naini Lake is perhaps incomplete if one doesn’t indulge in boating here. I have visited Nainital numerous times, but when I will visit again, I can’t imagine missing this boat ride.
We also used to seek the blessings of Goddess Naina Devi at Shri Maa Naina Devi Temple which is situated at the edge of the famous Naini Lake.
After taking blessings at the temple, mummy papa just used to sit back, relax and enjoy the views of the beautiful Naini Lake from the temple. And me and my siblings in spite of being tired used to run after each other enjoying the nature’s beauty, exclaiming to see the clouds, the mountains, the lakes and making imaginary stories of our famous cartoon & comic characters being there with us. We never used to stay settled at one place and Mummy Papa eyes were always glued on us.
We used to feed the birds with food competing among ourselves trying to decide who the best feeder among us is. Another fun filled activity was to get the pics clicked in the traditional dresses that we used to take on rent.
Near to the lake there is gaming zone and skating court. When it comes to skating, you just can’t escape it. All of us used to love it.

Strolling on the Mall Road :

Nainital’s Mall Road, which is a major shopping hub of the town, runs parallel to the Naini Lake, and is a must visit for every shop-a-holic! My mom and sister used to be crazy for shopping – Shopping at Mall Road and Tibetan Market. It’s famous for a variety of things like handicrafts, candles, wooden artefacts, handlooms and shawls. I often used to pick small cute things for my friends.
This is one of the busiest roads of Nainital with most of the hotels, restaurants, Cafes, and shops located here. We often used to visit “Embassy” restaurant which is famous for yummy Choupsey & Sizzler. I used to love the piping hot sizzler & it served us with the kind of warmth we need on a chilly day. We also used to have Momos at Sonam fast food & Punjabi food at Sher- E- Punjab. Also, Boat House Club is famous for Fine Dining Dinner along the Lake.
With the cool breeze blowing across the lake through the road, an evening stroll on the Mall road is a unique experience in itself.
If you still have time left in the day, you may visit the Kainchi Dham, Eco cave Garden, and the Snow View Point.

Tiffin Top :

After the boat ride and bit of shopping, we moved to Tiffin top. It’s a beautiful journey from Mall road to the Tiffin Top. One side with fences and rocks and other side with beautiful Naini Lake. Climbing up on that, we could witness the mango shape of lake. The pleasant weather and chirping sounds of birds and we also trying to mimic those sounds was so much fun. Few people also used to take horse ride to the temple & my bother always used to tease me comparing my hair ponytail with that of horse’s tail. There can be nothing better than walking together with your family in the shadow of your parents feeling protected, secured, & loved all the time. Sometimes, the breeze used to be chilled as we moved up, and we used to wear jackets. Coming from scorching heat of Bareilly, and wearing Jackets here, it was an interesting thing for us & we again used to tease each other saying, now you have to wear it even when we return home.
With bird’s eye view of the entire town, the peaceful and serene environment makes it irresistible for tourists and photographers to check out the place. Even we used to capture these beautiful scenes in our camera (That was not the time of Digi cams, so we didn’t used to click unlimited pics. But, all masterpiece views with our smiles and laughter and unique poses were always captured beautifully).
On clearer days, one can also get hold of the majestic view of Nanda Devi and the Naini Lake. Some adventure activities such as rappelling and rock climbing are conducted at Tiffin Top. For trekking, the hike is about 4 kms long from the city center.

Land’s End :

We used to hire 5 horses and visit Land’s end (located at approx. 2,118m above the sea level). Now, horse riding was another adventure for us. Sometimes screaming in fear, sometimes shouting aloud making noises of horse running, sometimes laughing and sometimes teasing each other, we used to enjoy every second of the trip. With the exquisite view of the plains and the awesome Khurpa Tal (a lake), Land’s End is among the most favorite tourist spots in Nainital. The place offers a picturesque sight for the tourists and of course the name makes it more curious for the visitors to experience the incredible view of valleys, snow clad mountains and lakes.
We also used to visit Birla School & Papa was alumni there. Papa used to narrate us some stories of his school days while we used to roam around the big & amazing school campus.
When it was the time to check out from Hotel, we all wanted to look back at each other and then at Papa can we stay for 1 more day. Away from school studies and homework and being part of this peaceful environment with so many things to explore, it was always difficult to bid farewell and wait for another long year to visit again. The freshness and closeness of Nature – Trees, Mountains, Clouds, Lakes, and refreshing breeze, it was a perfect world for us. It has been years now but the memories are still afresh. On the way back, we keep recollecting our experiences that are to be shared with friends when school reopens. Yes, those were not the days of Facebook & Watsapp, but we made sure that we narrate each moment of our trip to them when school reopens.

Those days were beautiful & I still close my eyes and feel myself to be a part of that world with me as a school going kid, hanging out with my siblings and parents.

On this Father’s Day, my Heart wants to speak out –


In the Lap of “PURPLE” Earth ….

The “PURPLE” Earth?? Is it Purple?

Yes, you read it right, it’s PURPLE!!

We have heard and witnessed Nature’s Green earth of grass & trees, the brown earth of soil, the Aqua earth of sea, but,…

Well, if you guessed it right that’s amazing & if you didn’t no worries, we are here to share our experience of the “Purple” earth.

“MAYFIELD LAVENDER FARMS” – This is the place that I loved calling as purple earth.

It was a clear, sunny morning in London and a weekend too. After busy routine at office , I wanted a short refreshing trip nearby and searching for the weekend destinations, this is what I found interesting , “LAVENDER FARMS”. I quickly had a look at few pics and write up on internet and it was all so mesmerizing, I could not resist another moment and decided, I am visiting this place.

I and my friends quickly checked the travel route, it was just 15 miles away from Central London.

We took the train from London Victoria to Purley Station. We crossed the road to the large Tesco and from the front of the store we took No. 166 bus to Oaks Park. The Oaks Park bus stop is directly outside our front gate.

Alternatively, you can take a cab from the train station to the farm. The bus is the cheapest mode and economical though.

Once we reached the Oaks park bus stop, we entered the Farm. Entry fee to our farm was just £2.50 per adult. There is no entrance charge for children under 16. There is a separate registration fee for professional photographers.

The moment, we entered, it was a big “WOOOOWWWW”…….!!

We never ever imagined that such a beauty exists on this Earth. For a moment, it appeared we are in some dream world. I was feeling like “Alice In WonderLand”. The vast patches of Purple Lavender all around, I felt like I am in soothing Purple Lap of Mother Nature, it was so relaxing and refreshing. Within minutes of entering, I forgot all about my stressful routine of last week.


I saw here and there, and to the farthest sight I was able to see Purple, Mauve & Bluish patches of Lavenders. The thick purple patches in bright sunshine with the Lavender aroma was appearing like a herd of purple fairies dancing here and there. The aroma is strong when a leaf is crushed but the light aroma was there all around. I got an urge to dance around and click pics with the dancing lavenders. It is such a breath-taking sight, that you will feel tempted to capture and freeze every second of it.


There were few bumble bees hovering over the lavenders moving from one stem to other, but don’t worry they won’t attack you. They are busy enjoying their love with Lavenders.

You are still reading this post, so it’s clear that you want to park this place in your “Bucket List”. So, I will share few more things to help you out with this trip.

  • Location: Banstead
  • Nearest International Airport : London
  • Distance from London : 15 miles
  • Farm Timings:
    10 A.M. to 6 P.M. (7 days a week) from June to 30th Aug.
    9 A.M. to 6 P.M. (7 days a week) from 30th Aug to 2nd Sept.
    *The farm is closed for rest of the year
  • Entry fee: £2.50 per adult ; No fees for children under 16 years ; Extra fee for professional photographers
  • Dog Entry – Well behaved dogs are allowed with poop bags (No mess up allowed)

So, you can plan your trip to this 25 acres of lush purple farms and enjoy the beauty during the peak flowering time which is usually from the middle/end of June to the start of September. This can vary depending on the weather and some years it may start as early as the second week of June and may stop flowering before the end of August.

Now, as you know so much about the place, you can make your plans of photo shoots in the attire of your choice. I took a Red Saari to capture a pic of mine in famous DDLJ (Bollywood movie) pose. Or, you can just sit around in the sun, relaxing and admiring the beauty and fragrance, living in the moment and collecting cherish able moments.

It is so therapeutic, seriously, if you have ever felt so far that Aroma therapy and essential oils marketing is fake, then you will surely change your opinion after visiting this place. I was feeling so refreshed, lively and relaxed, the fresh air and soothing atmosphere touched my soul and heart. The magic in the air and a divine sensation when you move your hands around touching the endless rows of lavender plants is an awesome lifetime experience.

People who love photography will just die for it. You can have a professional shoot done for couples (pre wedding shoot, honeymoon shoot, post wedding shoot anything), modeling poses, or simply your family pics with couple & kids. Also, to encourage public, there is yearly a photograph competition and the winner is awarded with 200 pounds.

For me, a trip without eating is half the fun. So, let me tell you, that the amazing food options make it full fun. The Lavender farm had its own farm café (Al fresco café ) which sells afternoon tea, a wide range of lavender infused snacks and food as well as local produce. Apart from these lavender flavored delicacies, they also serve yummy range of light lunches such as sandwiches, burgers and paninis. (The farm discourages outside food inside, so either go full or be ready to give your taste buds a new flavor trying the café food). We treated ourselves with Lavender ice cream, Jamie Oliver’s lavender crème brûlée and Lavender lemonade. All of these had aroma of lavender.

We thought we will have a short 1 hour trip to this farm, and when we got up after eating, 3 hours were already gone. We were so mesmerized with the beauty of the place, we never realized how long we have been here. Every moment was priceless. It was time to go.

But, wait, how can we leave without buying some soveniour. So, we moved to a shop next to café. We entered the little shop with lavender decoration all around. They were selling all the Lavender products. The bunch of dry lavender, aromatic soaps, and essential oils. The authentic pure products made from original Lavender.

I wanted to stay for some more time, but it was time to go. With refreshed soul, and lots of wonderful experiences, we started our return journey to London. The memories are imprinted in my mind and though it has been more than a year, but it seems just like yesterday. Even today, when I feel too tired or stressed, I close my eyes and have a walk in those blossoming Lavender farms in my dream world and it do enriches my body and soul.

If you stay around London or get a chance to visit there, I must say, don’t miss visiting Lavender Farms.



Delhi to Chennai Express -|-|-|-

Well, this is not about my train journey from Delhi to Chennai, neither a part of my tourism trip but much more. It’s about my life’s journey from Delhi to Chennai.

It was a happy and excited atmosphere all around with me exchanging ring with my soul mate. It was a typical arranged marriage with me and my soul mate both being North Indians. But, his present job role was based at Chennai. My office in Delhi, had its branch in Chennai too and to everyone it appeared all set with just an internal transfer for me within the same company.

But, behind all these “all set” theories was my mind, overcrowded with thoughts and my emotions blended with excitement, nervousness and questions all at the same time.

How I being a Delhi-ite gal will accommodate for a totally new lifestyle in Chennai? I am an avid traveler and keen observant and I love and respect knowing different cultures and lifestyles but still moving to Chennai for settling there was giving me Goosebumps. With me being fond of travelling, my interest in moving around, enjoying and having fun embedded in my daily routine, I felt that Delhi gives me a great metropolitan environment and a free lifestyle. Chennai, on the other hand was not appealing to me as a happening place and I felt as if I will now be part of a conservative culture. For me it was as bad as being imprisoned. But, the other part of my mind kept on saying it’s not wise to be judgmental so soon. With my own thoughts on a battle every day, my wedding day came and finally it was time to pack up from Delhi. With heavy heart, I was bidding Adieu to one phase of my life and with anxious emotions I was moving to start the new chapter of my life.

“Vanakkam Chennai” – Means, Good Morning or Namastay Chennai.

This is how I was welcomed in Chennai.

After a couple of days, I joined my Chennai office, I found everyone so warm, good and cooperative & my head started feeling a little lighter after months of load and presumptions of what lies ahead. Trust me, I never ever imagined the people can be so helpful and supportive, I met simplest of the people in this city. They made me so comfortable and gave me time to settle down smoothly. Soon after, I started enjoying the peaceful & serene atmosphere with simple, honest people all around. No show-offs, no rat race and no artificial masks, everything appeared so pure and crystal clear, I started loving it.

On the other hand my husband, my buddy did made each day special for me by taking me to different places.  We used to explore every day from beaches to roof-top cafes. Walking next to Marina Beach (Asia’s second largest beach) at moon light , sharing an ice-cream together and those “Gajra’s” (Jasmine flowers) around the hair spreading sweet fragrance , with slow music make our long walks the most cherishable time. It’s all so refreshing. I can never ever imagine experiencing this in Delhi. The refreshing breeze & the spectacular sights of sunrise & sunsets are so addictive, that you will have the urge to experience it again and again. The city is so safe and clean, it didn’t mattered if I was alone or accompanied, and I can go for a beach side walk whenever I want. I simply fell in love with Marina Beach.

We often visit different cafes like Wild Garden- The Café at Amethyst, Santé Spa Cuisine, Chamiers Café and Ashvita Bristo with amazing ambiance and food and Rain tree rooftop are some of the best places to hang around. And the best part is mini idlis and ghee podi dosa at Murugan Idli with cup of filter coffee and Ratna Café …Yummy…!!

Chennai is so famous for its old and heritage temples like Arulmigu Kapaleeswarar temple, Ashtalakshmi temple and others and I enjoyed visiting these places. The intricate architecture , the serene and positive atmosphere, the different ways of worshipping same God , the “Prasadam” , enlivens the devotion & faith in God and reminds us how we stay united even with the differences. A true confluence of unity in diversity is seen at such places.

With me fond of shopping too, I enjoyed to have an opportunity of selecting Traditional Silk Sarees and Kanjivaram  Silk Sarees from a lovely huge collection at T Nagar at places likes Nallis, Pothy Silks, Sundari Silks, Palam Silks, Sri Kumaran Silks. You will get amazing hand-woven traditional Sarees at Kanchipuram. One of the best sarees, that  you can ever get in the world at cheapest price.

Chennai is gateways to weekend movies. I have been watching one movie a week since last 5 years at Sathyam Cinema as Tamil Nadu is the cheapest. And wonder is when Ranjikant (the most famous actor of South India) movie is released. All local-ites are crazy performing Pooja and dancing on the streets.

Beach walks…, having coconut water at cheapest price in any part of Chennai.., going on long drives on weekend to Mahabalipuram, Kovalam and Pondicherry…, it started appearing so happening to me. Chennai is surrounded by so many weekend Gateways. Those Catamaran rides, kayaking and surf turf, there is so much stuff to do. With peaceful environment and fresh air, distance don’t kill us unlike any other parts of India.

Best is when someone calls you “Amma” or “Anna”. I also gave a try, speaking a bit of Tamil, but my accent makes it a crazy word that neither my office colleagues nor local market people or taxi drivers understand. But, I do keep giving it a try now and then.

There is so much more to tell about Chennai and we will surely share these experiences soon. Stay connected on our travel journey to stay tuned with our in-depth , extraordinary, amazing experiences that we will be posting.

For now, I want to conclude saying,

“Manadhai Mayakiya Chennai”

Love you Chennai for giving me this fresh breeze and refreshing experience, Love you for providing me a comfortable lap, Love you for giving me these cherishing moments , Love you for adding beauty to my married life , Love you for wiping away all my anxieties with love and addiction to walk on beaches , Love you for everything !!



Exploring the Unexplored !!

If you have landed on this blog, reading this post, it’s very likely that you are fond of travelling.

The experiences of travelling are like experiences of reading poetry. We visualize it in a unique way and in a different context with the tunes & rhythm of our own.

We are elated to embark on this new journey to bring before you our exploration of the scenic beauties, the vast horizons, the hidden treasures, the commendable architectures, the multitude of cultures, the tempting food, the beautiful handicrafts, the famous monuments, the soothing breeze, the chills of snow, the warmness of desserts, the conglomerate of lifestyles, the rhyming waterfalls, the huge mountains, the green landscapes , the blue skylines, the confluence of rivers, the tides of seas, the chirping birds, the roaring lions, the breathtaking adventures , the amazing places and the priceless experiences of “Exploring The Unexplored” in this “World of Wonders” and presenting it to you in this “World of Words”.

We will do all the justice we can to embed our experiences & expressions on this blog to present a lively picture in front of you all.

The ingredients of a cherishing memorable journey are the surroundings and the company, so it would be really great if you hold our hands and join us on this virtual journey across the globe. With your experiences and with your inputs we will be able to fill more life to this blog.